Welcome home...

Arcadia Metaphysical School is a teaching portal for emotional mastery & spiritual expansion; focusing on breaking unhelpful patterns of thought or behaviour and releasing self-imposed limitations.
It is a space for undoing your unconscious conditioning and programming, so you’re able to reach the real, untapped and fulfilled version of who you are.

The three pillars of Arcadia are Connection, Awareness and Fulfilment.

True CONNECTION to yourself & others.
AWARENESS of all realities available at any given moment.
Fearless FULFILMENT of soul purpose.

“You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.” Charles Bukowski

Founder's promise

The Arcadian promise is to hold the ENTIRETY of all clients and students. 

It is a promise to work in ways that honour who we are together, with full reverence for our desires and sovereignty as individuals.  

It is a promise to lead, shoulder to shoulder, anyone capable, willing, called and aligned to begin or maintain their journey of SOUL and CONNECTION work. 

It is a promise to remain respectful and discerning with both the new and ancient knowledge shared within private and group  mentoring sessions.