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The Art Of Empowered Relationships: Aligning Self & Source

You have the ability to live only within relationships that empower you.

We all have a NATURAL frequency, a divine soul signature.  This masterclass teaches you how to stop overwriting yours.

Learn how to re-align your connections; consistently, elegantly and permanently.

Learn how to UPGRADE your relationship to the world around you. Every part of it.

This is a masterclass on FULLY embodying your power, gifts and unique soul path.

Living the Art Of Empowered Relationships means your personal life, business, finances and spiritual health are WILDLY aligned.

It means that in EVERY circumstance, you know the truth of who you are. And you honour it.

It means you do not break, you grow. You are a force of your own nature.

You are MAGIC in every connection.

You are iridescent. A child of the stars.

In this masterclass you will...

Clear connections, re-wire emotional health and confidence, release negativity from current and past relationships, de-programme generational patterns and traumas, experience how to change your mindset, energy and behaviour at will, understand your archetypes, calibrate your consciousness, code your reality, recognise your baselines, self heal, separate your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Learn to...

Understanding where you are now.

Learn about…

  • Soul ecology
  • Defining your existing codes
  • Clarity injections
  • Recognising your connected self
  • Leaving your comfort zone

Deciding soul direction.

Learn to…

  • Code intent & outcomes
  • Perform soul checks
  • Embody a new rejection manifesto
  • Engage gratitude

Knowing who you are before you move.

Learn to…

  • Re-align and re-code connections to thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Access intuition
  • Know your body signals
  • Access accountability
  • Recognise and acquire resources

Tapping into your true powers of discernment.

Learn to…

  • Recode strategies and communication with self
  • Use beliefs alchemy
  • Use behaviour alchemy
  • Uncover patterns and inherited trauma conflicts
  • Recognise your survival archetypes
  • Remember and rehonour your connection needs
  • Audit your life

Investment £2,222