The School

Level 2 - Curriculum

Level 2 - The Foundation

The foundation level is a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. This level is designed to make your path toward deeper esoteric knowledge and personal growth as clear and conscious as possible.

Module 1: Building a strong foundation


Session 1: Understanding connections

  • Exploring the importance of meaningful connection and embracing authenticity in relating.

Session 2: Active meditation and sacred space

  • Learning practical techniques for active meditation, creating your sacred space, and setting intentions for personal growth.

Session 3: Exploring your energy field

  • Understanding your energy field, balancing your energy, and developing intuitive sensitivity.

Session 4: Self-care and emotional wellbeing

  • Nurturing self-compassion, focusing on emotional healing and resilience, and discovering the art of letting go.

Session 5: Integration and reflection

  • Reviewing your knowledge and progress, sharing personal experiences and insights, and preparing for the next phase.

Module 2: Exploring ancestry, patterns and self-understanding


Session 6: Ancestry and life patterns

  • Investigating ancestry, generational makeup and lineage; identifying patterns in current and past lives and understanding your present influences.

Session 7: Healing generational patterns

  • Recognising the impact of generational patterns, acquiring practical tools for transformation, and nurturing empowerment through generational awareness.

Session 8: Life patterns and themes

  • Discovering lessons within life’s patterns, applying wisdom and personal growth from experiences.

Session 9: Embracing your true self and potential

  • Revealing your authentic self, aligning with your inherent essence, and cultivating confidence and self-expression.

Session 10: Integration and reflection

  • Reflecting on ancestral exploration, sharing personal transformations and insights, and preparing for the next phase of your journey.

Module 3: The art of transcendent connections


Session 11: Cultivating authentic relationships

  • Aligning self and relationships with source, acquiring practical tools for nurturing authentic connections, and embrace personal and relational growth.

Session 12: Conscious awareness and self-understanding

  • Elevating consciousness and self-awareness, setting intentions, manifesting desires, and embracing growth through life’s challenges.

Session 13: Empowering personal choice and discernment

  • Enhancing communication with self, navigating beliefs and behaviours, recognising and transforming patterns for self-empowerment.

Session 14: Integrating learnings into daily life

  • Apply insights and wisdom to real-life situations, celebrate personal growth and achievements, and prepare for continued growth beyond the course.

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