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Arcadia Metaphysical School

Arcadia means paradise, a place where you may come as you are, with no need to hide any of the many thoughts, feelings, experiences or desires that make you who you are.

This is the beginnings of a pathway to deep self-exploration, mastery and timeless growth. It will serve you long after our experience together.

In Arcadia we break the patterns detrimentally affecting our lives. We focus on teaching and exploring all things expansion, all things mystical, all things quantum. Beyond emotional mastery, we include mirror work, alchemy, astral journeying, chaos magic, meditation, divination, past life viewing, channeling, mediumship, psychic work, energy work and extrasensory perception. 

For every client or student, there is a resonant lesson in Arcadia. We’re here to help you connect with it.

There are currently seven levels within Arcadia Metaphysical School.
Here you’ll find details about the first three. 
Movement through the school can be done within a group or on an individual basis.
For the spiritual explorer experimenting with different modalities, diving into emotional, mental and sensory experiences. There is no commitment beyond each event.
Any level 1 event or retreat is available to book as an individual, group, in-person or online.
The point at which people commit to Arcadia and take a deeper journey into themselves.

The Pre-Initiate level is a profound 6-month journey of self-discovery and transformation. This level is designed to make your path toward deeper esoteric knowledge and personal growth as clear and conscious as possible. Throughout this course, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of multiple relationship constructs: Gain profound insights into your inner world, develop self-compassion, and equip yourself with emotional resilience to navigate life’s challenges.
  • Awaken and actively use your self-awareness: Develop a profound understanding of your inner world, enhance self-compassion, and equip yourself with emotional resilience to navigate life’s challenges.
  • Unlock your true potential: Delve into the intricate world of ancestry, heal generational patterns, and expand your potential for personal and spiritual growth.

By the end of this course, you will not only have established a strong foundation for deeper esoteric exploration, but you’ll also possess the tools, wisdom, and inner strength to embark on a lifelong journey of self-mastery.

Initiate level 3 is an immersive 6-month journey into the depths of esoteric knowledge and spiritual practice.

Building on the foundational teachings of the previous course, this advanced program is designed to elevate your understanding and proficiency in a wide range of mystical and metaphysical disciplines.

Guided by an experienced instructor, you’ll delve into teachings such as astral travel, inner earth exploration, protection rituals, spells, body and chakra work, astral projection, magic, rituals practice, mediumship, psychic development and more.

This course offers a unique opportunity to deepen your spiritual awareness, enhance your intuitive abilities, and connect with the unseen realms.

This level is by invitation only.

By invitation only.

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