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One of the most common questions I have during oracle readings is "how can I meet with my guides."

This course answers that question and lots more.

How To Meet Your Spirit Guides

A beginners guide to connecting with your spiritual family

Location: Online

Cost: £111

Duration: 2hrs

Workbook: includes journaling prompts & space for reflection.

Spirit guides can be past relatives, animals, mythical or ancient creatures, angels or biblical figures. Connecting with your guides, however they choose to show up, is an essential part of cultivating a deep and fulfilling spiritual practice.
Your spirit guides are your protectors, companions, confidants and most loyal supporters.  They are also a gateway to clarity and radical accountability for the actions you take.
Once you have connected with your guides the possibilities are endless; journeying, foresight and supported intuition make fulfilling your life purpose feel like less of a solo task.
Your guides are capable of answering direct questions, conversing and providing information to help navigate daily life.

This course is for you if:

  • You’re comfortable with meditation and now want to learn how to meet with your spiritual guides
  • You want to learn the basics of trusting yourself and your experiences, clearing up any negativity you feel around meditation, or energy work
  • You want to learn to set sacred space, ground, set intentions, protect yourself and organise your spiritual allies
  • You want the tools of spirituality demystified; including altars, crystals and clearing space
  • Your questions and concerns heard and answered

This course is not for you if:

  • You have never meditated before, or find it extremely difficult. Whilst this is a beginners course, you will not be taught ‘how’ to meditate.

Your commitment

This is a free workshop, or a pay as you wish, depending on the option you choose. The content will be of high value and so if you choose to book, it requires commitment from you.
You’ll need to:
  • show up for a quick 10min pre-qualification chat
  • show up on the evening the workshops is scheduled
  • understand there will be no replays or opportunities to reschedule
  • be happy to provide a testimonial, preferably with an image ( i.e. your WhatsApp photo if you have one)
  • know this is a Zoom event and will be recorded 

My commitment

  • I commit to show up in the same capacity as I do all group and 1:1 events; with love, knowledge and the desire to help you grow emotionally and spiritually.