If you have questions, or are unable to find a suitable time in my calendar, please email victoria@thearcadiaschool.com

Readings, Healings, Clearings

There are multiple forms of metaphysical work that I offer. Not everything is listed here. For everything other than oracle work, it’s best you book a consultation with me first.

Oracle reading

I don’t use tools, I am the oracle. My spirit guides connect to your guides and relay any information that is helpful for you to know at this stage in your life.
Physical healing
Working with the physical body and auric field to help heal stuck, unaligned, misplaced or unwelcome energies.
Family constellations
Working to untangle (not cut) discordant ties between generational members of a family.
Ancestral healing
Working to help heal ancestral cords and unresolved traumas or issues carried down through a lineage.
Space clearance from negative/malignant attachments
Working to heal physical attachments present in a persons physical space, for example, a home or business. This process requires an oracle reading before any commitment to clearing your space is made. This necessary and non-negotiable, as in extreme circumstances I first need to understand clearly what I’m dealing with.


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